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Tidy Weekender Memories…

Each week Johnny Dangerous speaks to a Tidy clubber about their Tidy weekender Memories. If you want to be featured please e-mail johnny@tidy25.com

“I have attended quite a few Tidy Weekender’s and have so many memories. Seeing all the DJs play was fantastic but I especially liked the chalet parties. You could randomly enter a chalet and join in a party anywhere on the camp. It didn’t matter one bit if you didn’t know the people in the chalet, everyone just wanted to party. The themed nights meant excitement making unique outfits to wear which would be accompanied by a quirky little back pack. Tidy TV was fantastic viewing… if only it had become a proper TV channel back in the day! It’s difficult to narrow down which event was the best for me but I did quite like Tidy Summer Camp where I got to meet the Tidy Boys and have my photo taken with them. It’s such a shame they never gave me anything to suck!”

Paula Bryant, 35, Lincoln

The Tidy Boys making memories for Paula Bryant at Tidy Summer Camp