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Tidy Two relaunches with a BANG!

As we hurtle towards Tidy’s monumental 25th year, we are extremely proud to announce the official relaunch of the Tidy Trax music releases, kicking off with the return of Tidy Two!

The label gets relaunched with a track (we think) is the best thing we’ve heard for 20 years. NG Rezonance & PHD have delivered a true anthem, with an instant hook to give you goosebumps and a powerful vocal by Hayley Colleen, this will make every tidy fan happy.

The remix comes from firm Tidy favourite Signum and what a fucking remix it is… this is massive and captures the spirit of the Signum of old, you will fall in love instantly.

The release comes on a limited edition purple vinyl, our first coloured vinyl ever on Tidy Two. The Hard Trance sound is back and set to be the big one to watch in 2020.  Get this collectors vinyl edition now.