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Your Weekender Line Up Breakdown: part 1

So the secret is finally out, the line up has been revealed and from the early indications on social medial you are all excited about that Mid July weekend in Prestatyn where DJ’s artists and clubbers will come together to celebrate the 25th birthday of Tidy Trax in style.

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing you to the line-up, some of them you will know and some of them you may not. Expect plenty more features, interviews and articles in the run up to the weekender and beyond.

Enjoy part one…


Paul Janes

Paul is one of the pioneering producers of hard house, he has the largest collection of vinegar bottles in Europe and is currently writing a book about why Fog doesn’t last very long.

Paul Janes is no stranger to hard house and beyond with his productions having graced labels such as Tidy, Tripoli Trax, Vicious Circle, Positiva, Data, Nukleuz, Elasticman, Bulletproof and Recharge to name a few. He has produced and remixed under names such as UK Gold, Red Hand Gang, Hyperlogic, Houserockers, Eldon Tyrell, Untidy Dubs as well as being one half of Terence & Philip Pau Paul King. He dramatically changed the sound of hard house with the introduction of his Untidy Dubs and UK Gold productions and remixes, both influenced by the Dutch sounds at the time with UK Gold being a tad harder. He was also behind the fantastic Overdose UK label with Paul King, a label that gave us Gridlock 3000’s Fantastic Thing. He will step up to the turntables to no doubt deliver a memorable set with a few special surprises!



Tidy legend Guyver (who apparently is working on some new Tidy Two bits for us).  Guy has never seen another man wee, only in films. His favourite see through thing is clingfilm

Guyver’s climb to success was a relatively rapid one. Following the passing of a Demo to Amadeus Mozart, the teenager’s track with his Brother Gavin was signed to Tidy Two under their Riot Brother’s guise and the rest became history, His first release was however on another Yorkshire label Neuro Records, a sub label of York’s Tune Inn Records. Less than twelve months later he had released Ripped Out with Gavin and Serious Sound under his own Guyver moniker, both on the newly launched Tidy Two, following in the footsteps of Signum and Abel Ramos. He was also signed to the Tidy Agency which propelled his DJing career globally. Celebrate tidy25with Guyver as he is bound to drop some serious sounds!

Amber D

Amber actually found her fame by coming second in a DJ competition at a Tidy Weekender. She loves to comb her hair in front of other peoples mirrors and one day hopes to met an Afro Caribbean snooker player. 

One of the winners of a DJ completion to play at Tidy Weekender 3, Amber D is a classically trained pianist who jas a plethora of releases spanning labels such as Tidy, Riot, Kiddfectious, Cheeky Tracks and her own labels including D-Day and D’Licious Recording. There is no style that Amber can’t or hasn’t played, (well maybe R&B), and played, clubs, events and festivals worldwide. She also runs a successful DJ Tutorial Group where she mentor’s up and coming DJ’s, some who have aspired to great things since being under her wing. If you have the pleasure of hearing Amber rapping before then tidy25 will be the ideal opportunity at one of the chalet afterparties,


Jon Hemming

Jon has risen to fame after his successful Shed antics and until recently he use to think the all mens penis were the same size. He hates clocks that tick too loud and his favourite things to draw are clouds.

Former tidy board member Johnny Scratch has become not only an internet phenomenon thanks to his live mix sessions from his garden shed, but he has also been catapulted into the hard house scene as one of the freshest talents to surface in recent years. His Shed brand has a following that many others can only wish they had and he has also brought into the fold several other talented DJ’s under the Shed brand including Adam Dixon and Eggman to name a couple.

Storm, Sundissential and the legendary TDV Memorial are just some of the major events that Hemming has spun at. This year also sees him performing at Legends In The Park, the first festival event he will ever play at. A versatile DJ, he learned to mix vinyl, which he still does at events and during the Shed Sessions but he is also a pioneer of breaking new music, something that will be evident on his new Shed Trax label.

What will he deliver at tidy25…? It’s a closely guarded secret but one thing we can tell you is that it will be special! Make sure you don’t miss the Shed Sessions picnic where the Shed collective will be mixing beats with sandwiches, drink and the sun… what a combination.


12 Inch Thumpers

The 12’inch Thumpers (Alan Prosser)  renounced for their banging bounce Alan, he has nephew called Thomas who is allergic to toffee

These guys made our ears prick up with the release of Don’t Cross the Line back in 2000. It was a record that stood out like a sore thumb thanks to its raw and infectious bassline. Other quality released followed on the label and the likes of Paul Glazby, Ilogik, John Whiteman and Johnny Dangerous remixed tracks made by the Thumpers, Jason Nawty, Mobi-D and other great producers. They are also behind the 12 Inch Thumpin’ Hard and 12 Inch Groovers labels.

Expect more tasty releases as 12 Inch Thumpers have relaunched the label.


Brain Bashers

It’s been far too long since we saw the Brain Bashers, Graham and Rachael make a return to Tidy. Did you know that they both hate the way giraffes walk and Graham once asked his doctor to take his watch to bits.

Rachel Shock and Graham Eden are the behind one of Tony De Vit’s favourite labels, Shock Records. De Vit was a promoter of their sound, which featured on some of the compilations he mixed. Launched a year after Tidy in 1996, Shock records became synonymous with a cheeky, quirky sound which won over a multitude of fans world-wide, resulting in them performing in every continent the planet has to offer.

The Brain Bashers are one of the earliest purveyors of the bounce sound and names that have appeared on their label include Baby Doc, Johnny Dangerous, Chrstiaan, Aniki-S, Cobi Lee Pasch and many more. Shock was the main outlet for their very own Brain Bashers name along with other guises such as Digital Masters and Speedo. The label stopped releasing in 2004 and a few years ago they gave away their entire back catalogue for free in digital format. You can expect an electrifying set as Rachel and Graham step up to deliver their very unique sound,


Lee Haslam

Old tidy label manger and top hard trance producer and DJ Lee Haslam, so please for him… Lee still gets turned on by watching other men swim and recently won a special award in German for owning the nicest leather jacket in Europe

Former PE teacher Lee Haslam has never looked back on since he hung up his whistle, shorts and plimsoles. The former private school teacher has become one of the UK’s well-known hard trance DJ’s transforming his style from hard house in the late 90’s to the pioneering trance sound we have come to love him for. With huge number of original productions, collaborations and remixes under his belt, he is the latest release in the Tidy Producer Series of USB music collections.

Haslam also mixed several of the Tidy compilations including Keep It Tidy, Tidy Trax International Edition and Milked along with Tidy Euphoria. One of the pinnacles of his career is to be obe of the few hard house DJ’s who have been lucky enough to do a Radio 1 Essential Mix. Following his departure from Tidy he went on to own and run the brand with fellow former Tidy colleague Richard Skaife and now manages the next generation of superstar house DJ’s including Max Chapman, Leftwing:Kody , Pirate Copy and Tuff London with the Kaluki agency.

He is to this day a pivotal figure in the world of dance music. Lee’s appearances are very rare these days due to his heavy work load and is set at tw25 is guaranteed to be a euphoric journey.



Hardcore session from Vinylgroover AKa Scott Atrrill – who says there’s no point in ironing pyjamas as they get wrinkled in bed anyway. Scott thinks all girls under 11 should own a skipping rope, he says there lots of fun if used properly.

Vinylgroover first cut his teeth as a happy hardcore DJ when he was given to fill in for Grooverider not turning up at a under 18’s rave at the infamous Sterns in Worthing. Carl Cox was also headlining that night and rather than carry on playing he suggested Vinylgroover, then 14, take to the decks and he rest is history. He also worked behind the counter at Fusion Records, an important feature in the south coast scene and quickly became interested in music production, going on to produce with Ramos, Hectic and a number of other hardcore producer. In the late 90’s he stepped away from hardcore production to concentrate on hard house releasing tracks on Tidy, Red Records, Nukleuz and Riot! Recordings

As well as being on the decks at major events up and down the country you can still cacth him spinning for the extremely younger generation at Raver Tots… it’s like going back to the beginning again.



Scott Brown

Hardcore fun back at the weekender with legend, Scott Brown. Recently Scott tried to fit 240 teaspoons into the back pocket of jeans while roller skating from Derby to Leicester – a charity stunt that backfired and didn’t even make the local paper.

Following on from Tennent’s Super and Iron Bru, Scott Brown is Scotland’s next biggest export and certainly one it’s most talented producers. He has played in just about every major city and town across the UK with his unique style of hardcore. He was part of Q-Tex which received commercial success despite its underground sound, and also as part of Bass X with his brother Stewart. His Evolution Records label was his pedestal to the world and is spawned a number of further success such as Twisted Vinyl and Screwdriver which enabled him to promote his productions. Throughout the 90’s and 00’s he played clubs such as Doncaster Warehouse, Vibealite, Die Hard Diztruxshon and events like United Dance, Helter Skelter and the Pleasuredome in Skegness. Two of his tracks were even featured in an episode of Top Gear in 2009.

He is still, to this day , in demand all over the world delivering the sound he loves.




Big hard trance producer Nicholson is back at a weekender, his massive new album on Tidy Two is due for launch very soon. Carl biggest wish is for all lesbians to be pretty.

Carl’s Nicholson’s first appearance at an event was not behind the decks but in front of them as a hardcore MC. When he was just 15. He transformed to DJing in 1993 and later into producing. The one-time Fabric resident has also appeared at Glastonbury, Sundissential, Storm, Flowtation and Frantic to name a few. His productions and remixes have had plenty of airings on Armin Van Buuren’s State of Trance shows.

Carl’s journey through life has been a battle as he experienced homelessness but thanks to music, pulled through the other side, become a successful artist and an inspiration to others, as well as a dad for the first time.



Paul King

Paul King produced some massive anthems for Tidy and many other labels and he said if his ball came out for this weekender he would wank into a biscuit tin until it was completely full of spunk.

Originally from Burnemouth, Paul King was a relatively young producer when he caught the ears of the late, great Tony De Vit. King was oe of a small number of DJ’s who were creating a style of hard house that was road tested by the likes of De Vit and Ian M at Trade. His became well known for his early releases on Tripoli Trax; ‘Cuz I’m Rockin’ and ‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop’ which both became signature tracks in De Vit’s playlist. Releases soon began stacking up on Trade, Vicious Circle, Toolbox and of course TDV Recprds. This led to DJ bookings across the globe and he’s still in demand today, both as a DJ and a producer,

Paul has collaborated with many DJ’s and was recently a special guest in Jon Hemming’s Shed. A rare chance to see hard house royalty at it’s finest!



Ilogiks really name Gus Wainright, his biggest fear is to be bummed by a zoo keeper and he hates it when cats sneeze.

Former hardcore producer Ilogik has become one of the most prominent hard house producers within the scene. His Elasticman label was resident in many a DJ’s record box thanks to its raw and tough sound. He has collaborated with Paul Janes, fellow hardcore producer Mickey Skeedale under his M Ramone guise and Bazooka Joe to name a few. His remixes have appeared on imprints including Tidy, Hotwax and 12 Inch Thumpers

One of the most technical DJ’s within the scene, Ilogik has raised the bar a little by incorporating visuals within his set, taking the term video DJ to the next level, definitely not one to miss at the weekender!



Steve Lid

Infamous promoter and trance DJ Steve Lid is the kind of man you would like to kiss in a public place. He is not scared to speak his mind when it comes ten pin bowling shoe hire or the fluctuating price of Kitchen Roll.

This guy has singlehandedly driven the scene within the south west for decades. The one-time resident at Tall Trees in Newquay has played alongside just about every hard house and trance DJ within the scene and has built up a solid following as a result. He recently co-hosted Tidy Newquay which was a packed weekend of music and mayhem… a pre-teaser to the long awaited tw25 so it’s only right that he is on the line up.

He has just recently relocated to Doncaster to be closer to his best friend Lee Haslam.


Tidy DJs

AKA Sam & Deano, The lads from Leeds are back and a firm favourite at Weekender. Sam has recently fallen out with his chiropodist after an argument about the way sheep are left to sleep outside. Deano was once arrested for pushing over a florist.

Durng the turning point of Tidy Trax, following the departure of the Tidy Boys, Sam & Deano took over the helm and kept the label afloat, continuing the releases and th weekenders. They released tracks on Tidy and other labels and also DJ’s regularly across their home base of West Yorkshire at Parlez Vous and Housewife’s Choice along with other events across the country.

These days Sam is still at the helm of Tidy with Andy & Amo as they continue to put on successful events, He is also one half of Tuff London with BK and are successful in their own right with a number of releases on Toolroom that has been supported by house legends such as Todd terry and DJ Sneak.

The Tidy DJ’s love a good party and this will be no exception.




A tidy weekender wouldn’t be a Weekender without Signum… Ron has the largest feet in trance, his shoes are made specially for him and it’s almost impossible to push him over, even on slippery surfaces.

It wouldn’t be a tidy event if Signum weren’t on the bill. One of the first trance producers to appear on the then hard house dominated label, Signum know hoe to rick a party. The release of What Ya Got 4 Me and Coming on Strong. It’s said that Tony De |Vit’s The Dawn was heavily inspired by Coming on Strong as De Vit wanted to create a track with as epic a breakdown… and he succeeded.

Their releases have not only featured on Tidy and Untidy Trax but also on Jinx and Armin Van Buuren’s State Of Trance label. Expect more releases from them very soon.




We love it when Ingo comes back to bounce things up at a Tidy event. Ingo is too scared to own a pet because he knows they don’t live very long and it would upset him too to see a dead animal in his kitchen.

This guy will always be the prince of Bounce… some say he even created he sound… one thing’s for certain, he has the Midas touch. Back in the day he was well known for his flared jeans as much as his donktastic sound. His productions were at home on Hotwaz and Vacuum Recordings as well as his Hard House Muzik label. His sound, was innovative when it first surfaces and has been imitated by many since. Ingo has produced with the likes of Ben kay, John Whiteman, Paul Maddox, Anen Savage, Charlie J and Charlotte Birch.

These days Ingo is a global house sensation playing at every major festival the globe has to offer under the name Tom Staar and has produced with the likes of Wolfgang Gartner and the legendary Gordon Edge.

His appearance at tw25 will be a rare hard house performance and you are guaranteed an explosive performance,


Dave Pearce

Dangerous Dave makes his return to Tidy 25 Weekender with some big  crowd pleasing trance anthems. Dave likes climb trees to get closer to birds and fruit. His favourite part of a horse are the ears.

‘Dangerous’ Dave Pears was at the helm of Radio 1’s dance anthem from 1997 for a decade. There was no pigeon holing here, creator Dave was supporting of all genres of dance music and when he was outside the r1 studios was travelling up and down the country delivering Dance Anthems DJ though his DJ sets. A weekly residency was held at Eden in Ibiza and he became heavily involved with the Euphoria compilation brand. Dave also hosted MTV’s Dancefloor Chart and played the midnight slot at Ministry of Sound’s gigantic millennium party to 45,000 clubbers. A key player within the scene, he is still highly respected and has always had a passion for trance music.

Expect him to hear plenty of fat ones rolled when Dangerous Dave steps up to the podium.


Alex Kidd

Weekender super star who was famous for his unannounced legendary chalet party antics. Alex once tried to milk a horse and has made claims that not all crabs walk sideways, he says has video footage to prove otherwise.

Goodgreef’s harder edged resident makes a welcome return to tw25 where he will thrash out the tougher tunes. An established DJ who began his career within the Manchester scene, he is also a well-respected producer who launched his own Kiddfectous label. As well as playing across the UK Alex has won international acclaim in every continent and created his own festival, Kiddstock which takes place annually, usually in the North East.



Captain Tinrib

The nautical captain returns from Australia to perform live at our special 25th birthday weekender. Tinrib hopes one day to change people opinions on Indian taxi drivers and has a new business idea which will redefine the way cricket bats are made.

The infamous Scurvy Dog comes to Prestatyn for a rare UK live set. Tinrib recordings was first launched in 1995 but the Captain Was around well before then with the Nuclear Powered EP under his Metamorphasis guise. His dress sense is as eccentric as his music and this is all part and parcel of the Tinrib experience. The label has showcased the talents of Steve Thomas, Pete Wardman, Chris C, M-Zone, Weirdo and Karim. Tinrib is one of the most underground and respected hard house labels around and the arrival of Tinrib Digital further strengthens this.

Expect mayhem me hearties as The Captain delivers a performance to make Captain Birdseye quiver… Crispy on the outside but hard as hell inside!


(Words by Johnny Dangerous)