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Speed Queen

We talk to the first lady of hard house Anne Savage about her other passion in life outside hard dance… Supermoto! When she’s not getting dirty playing tracks on the decks she’s getting dirty tearing up tracks across the country on two wheels…

25 years in dance music and at the forefront too… how does it feel?

I think back and I never thought I’d still be DJing this far into the future, let alone making new artist albums. I’m genuinely so grateful that people still enjoy my music and that I keep getting booked to DJ. I’m so lucky.

Music aside, you have another passion, motocross. How did you get into that?

I actually compete in a sport called ‘Supermoto’  which is a form of motorcycle racing held on race tracks that alternate between three kinds of track surfaces: the hard packed dirt of flat track,  the irregular dirt jumps and obstacles of motocross and the paved tarmac of road racing. It originated in the early 80’s when the best riders from the three separate genres of motorcycle racing could temporarily leave their normal race class to come together and compete for the title of best all-around racer. Today supermoto is a distinct genre of its own and riders in the other classes don’t usually cross over into supermoto. We tend to wear motocross helmets and boots, road racing/supermoto leathers.

Daryl was excited about the life-size model kit Anne had bought him for his birthday

What do you currently ride and why did you choose that bike?

The bikes we ride are based on a moto cross bike – but the suspension set up is changed and various other moderations are made, for instance we use road-racing style tyres which have no tread when its dry (called ‘slicks’) or with slight tread when its wet. Makes it interesting in the dirt with no tread ha ha. My bikes are Honda CRF150R’s but there are various classes up to 900cc’s

Tearing up the tarmac in the wet!

How did you become involved in competitions?

I’ve mucked about on dirt bikes with my brothers and sisters since I was 7 or 8. I passed my bike test when I was 17 and used to ride round on scooters then road bikes. When I met my other half in 2012 he introduced me to the sport. I wasn’t happy just watching so I bought my first supermoto pit bike and started entering the Scottish Championship then progressed in engine size and went to the British Championship and now we do both championships which run between March-Nov every year.

Is it a hobby or are looking to carve a similarly successful career in it as you have in dance music?

No its a passionate hobby, you have to be an elite rider and compete all over the world to make decent money. Some UK riders have sponsors which help out paying for tyres, leathers, race entry fees etc – and I have a sponsor, BOOST Oxygen who I met through Lisa Lashes & Deborah Hewitt for the LLSOM, so it really is a small world!

Is it still a predominately male sport?

Definitely! I won the first ever ladies race back in 2017 which was fun. There is now roughly about 10 girls to every 100 guys.

Girl Power… literally!

You are a regular on the podium. How does that feel?

I think I’ve only won 2 DJ awards so to have all these trophies for racing is absolutely awesome. Getting on the podium is a massive deal and to get to the top step is unbelievably mind blowing. I often DJ the same night as a race day, and even though your body is absolutely knackered the adrenaline keeps going for hours after and I’ve definitely played some of my best sets ever after a day’s racing. My hair is usually an issue though because I don’t normally have time to wash it. I bought a wig after watching Ru Pauls drag race but it looks totally ridiculous ha ha so that’s on a shelf gathering dust.

Adding more silverware to the trophy cabinet

You seem to be doing quite well in competitions, what’s the secret of your success?

It all depends who turns up on the day how well I do. I would say its 50% mental strength, perseverance and determination and 50% skill. I learn something every time I go out on the track. I wish I’d started Supermoto when I was 8 because some of the kids who I’ve watched grow up at the track and who I used to race, are absolutely whipping my arse now!! I have broken my collar bone and smashed my elbow quite badly, I landed on my back after someone crashed into me over a jump once and I honestly thought I was done for. Keep going back for more though like most people in the sport. You do have some people come once and give it a go, fall off and we never see them again!

Ouch! That must’ve hurt…

How do you manage to juggle producing, DJing and Supercross?

I never DJ the night before a British Championship race – no late nights its far too dangerous you need to be 100% on the ball.  So Ru who does my DJ booking gets all the race dates in before he puts any in DJ dates in. There is no way I’d miss a championship race or even attempt it after a late night.

Where did the Full Throttle concept come from?

Sam, Amo and myself had a group chat to bounce ideas off each other and to be quite frank some of the names I came up with first were diabolical. For instance, I’d just watched the brilliant Chernobyl series on Netflix – came up with the name “3.6 Not Great, Not Terrible” I thought it was great but Full Throttle just came to me one night . It was a nod to racing and the style of music I’d been making with Tom (Berry) and it seemed a perfect title. I think Amo did a cracking job with the artwork too.

Are there plans for any more albums?

Most definitely, soon as we’re out of lockdown I’ll be back in the studio with Tom. I’m also studying noise safety in the dance music events industry full time for a PhD so it’s fitting it all that will be the issue!

What about a Full Throttle event?

Why not!

You have accomplished so much in your career, what advice can you give people wanting to start out in music or even in Supercross?

I think the same rules apply to motorcycle racing and a career in the music industry… Number 1! You’ve got to be passionate and dedicated to it, people will see right through you / you’ll fail if you’re fake, be yourself. Get advice from the experts where you can, study people who are great at it and take advice on board. That’s what I did and still do. You have to be  determined and don’t give up easily- give it your all; and finally – practice makes perfect, spend as much time as you can practicing!!

What are you working on at the moment?

During lockdown I’ve learned a new skill, OBS studio and I’m working on some more sets for live streaming. Studying for my PhD – I was supposed to be at Brighton Music Conference next weekend talking about tinnitus and noise safety but its postponed til September – in the mean time I’ll be in touch with The British Tinnitus Association who I work with closely keeping up to date with all the latest research into that. I’ll be giving both my race bikes an engine rebuild and watch old videos of bike racing.

Could life be any better?

I’m very happy and lucky to be so busy.


Full Throttle mixed by Anne Savage is available to buy now from Glamzoo on a limited edition key shaped USB or as a double CD.




Anne Savage’s All Time Top Ten 

I’ve set myself a 5 min time limit on this its an impossible task and changes all the time!

Void -Orcana (Seductive Mix)

Chemical Brothers – Electric Battle Weapon 6

Outlander – Vamp

Joey Beltram – Energy Flash

Parra Dice – Can You Hear Me

4 For Money – it’s a Moment in Time

Bedrock – For What You Dreamed Of

Shades of Rhythm – Sound of Eden

Siedah Garrett – K.I.S.S.I.N.G (Brothers in Rhythm Mix)

Brothers Luv Dubs – The Mighty Ming


Anne Savage’s Current Top Ten

Anne Savage  & Tom Berry – Groove Nation

Anne Savage – I Need U (Anne Savage  & Tom Berry Bounce Mix)

Joe Longbottom & Anto – The Dawnk

Anne Savage  & Tom Berry – Cant Stop The Feeling (Bounce Mix)

Anne Savage  & Tom Berry – Make it Better (Bounce Mix)

Terrence & Phillip – Red Alert (Wayne Smart Remix)

Anne Savage  & Tom Berry -Give It Up (Bounce Mix)

Anne Savage  & Ben Stevens – I B’lieve

Joe Longbottom – Let The Rhythm

Anne Savage & Leigh Green – Beat The 8 Ball

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