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More Tidy Weekender Memories…

We reveal another Tidy Weekender memory and for Chris Cooke, Tidy Weekender 7 ‘The Dirty Weekender’ was very memorable… It was also his very first Tidy Weekender.

 “We had a first floor chalet. It was the afternoon and we were chilling with a couple of beers still getting our head around what we were even doing as fresh faced little 18-year-olds. Then this thing sailing through the sky caught our eye as it flew past the balcony then went out of sight, time and time again. We had to go investigate. As we peered over the balcony edge, there were two young cyber ladies playing catch across the green – with a huge rubber dildo.”

 “Then there was the time we were in Nisa, probably trying to buy a pot noodle or something else nutritious., when in stormed two sumo wrestlers, who then proceeded to have a sumo wrestle in the middle of the store and end up laid in the freezers.” 

“Let’s also take this time to think back to the first time Steve O’Brady played Arena 2. It started with around 100 people in the room and his set ended with a stage to back door full of people. Was so proud of him.”

“Tidy Weekenders changed my life for the better, they were (and probably still are) magical. At their sell out heyday they were brilliant. 72 hours of pure debauchery with 3499 like-minded hard housers. Oh, and when JP & Jukesy and Ben Stevens did trance in the Vic, and KissySellOut.”

“Oh and the time Devvo interviewed Lisa Lashes and she stormed off, and the time Lisa Lashes got boo’d off stage in The Vic – mint!”

“Jesus… I could go on and on.”

Chris Cooke, 33, Leeds.

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