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Locked On

With partial lockdown in force and lives having changed completely we thought it would be nice to find out what DJs and Producers are up to during this tedious and testing time.

Keep checking back for updates and remember to Stay At Home.

Dave Pearce

“Like a  lot of people I’m lying low at the moment struggling to remember not to pick my nose and trying to figure out if there will be any new content coming on Pornhub. I just got sent a new Tidy baseball cap which I think makes me look very sexy, I posted a pic on Insta and twitter expecting modelling offers to come rolling in but sadly nothing.
Luckily I live next to a beach so I have been able to get a much needed daily walk to keep me sane – I’m really pleased the PM said we can still take some daily exercise- I think if we can’t  it will have a massive impact on mental health and other health issues. Many people near me live in tiny studio flats with just about enough space for a bed and a sink and a cooker – it would be terrible if they couldn’t get out and stay fit.
In between eating lots of chocolate and trying to figure out why British TV and radio is so crap these days – I’m listening to lots of podcasts and making my Delirium Trance show which is where I support new artists. I’ve spent a fair bit of time trying to re arrange live shows – but it’s impossible at the moment as nobody knows what is going on.
Like many full time DJ’s I’ve lost my entire income. On a positive note I’ve been checking on some elderly neighbours and my other half runs a local animal charity – it’s entirely run by volunteers so I’ve been helping her make sure that quarantined elderly cat foster carers and those that are unable to get out have enough supplies. “
Hopefully next week if I’m feeling inspired I may try to start on a track- I’m also thinking of doing some writing and doing the odd thing on facebook davepearceofficial
Also reaching out to mates to make sure they are OK
Hope to see everyone at the weekender!”
Andy Pickles (Tidy Boys)
“Building a new learning platform for the tidy community to develop there production / DJ and business skills led by hard house legends”
George Mitchell (Sharp Boys)
“During this period of very sad happenings and Lockdown, I am currently doing some work stuff, ploughing through a load of back catalogue Sharp DAT’s, amongst doing pleasurable ‘rainy day’ stuff like playing loads of old vinyl (and finding some absolute gems unheard for years it has to be said!). I have also going through boxes of music memorabilia and treasures – all stuff I’ve been meaning to do for ages..it’s certainly keeping me occupied and happy for now during these difficult days. Keep safe everyone!”
Jon Bishop
“Most people in California are on lockdown. It’s our 2nd week of it, but people haven’t been doing a very good job of it. Dim-witted idiots.”
Captain Tinrib
“We could be okay as ewe are at the end of earth and caught early compared to rest of world. no Chinese medicine, titty bars… blue oyster bar shut. mass redundancy… Pot was to be legalised next month. I guess they don’t need to arrest 60% of the population anymore… I should have got the pirate ship. We can’t get anything ordered in unless from the supermarket! It’s like Dr Who out there. I’m going to fit 2 x 4G Cameras to this with a helmet cam and see how far we get for the video of NZ.”

The Captain plans to fit 4G cameras to this lil’ beast to film around NZ


Lisa Pin-Up

“I’m just sitting in the garden enjoying the sunshine with the tunes on while drinking a vodka and coke   Hopefully you are all safe and sound!”


Paul Maddox

“Been doing some online studio sessions, and generally just trying to use the extra time creatively”


Lee Haslam

“I am home schooling my children during Lockfown while my wife is at work. Ironic as I used to be a nursery teacher,”


Sam Townend

“During the Lockdown i’m going to spending my time working on music and releases for you lot to enjoy and trying to avoid becoming an alcoholic. I’m going to make sure I workout at least once a day and also try to finally get the numbers for how many pieces of pasta there are on average per bag.”



“Trying to organise work online with people I’ve got a system where I can work online in real time.”


Jon Langford (Knuckleheadz)

“Nothing overly interesting. I’m a Project Manager for IT Infrastructure for a Global Company and very busy . Ohhh and helping BK with all his Ableton Live questions”

Ben Kaye

Earning extra money as a Robbie Williams double

“I’m appreciating the time with my kids and trying to keep them entertained. Making some music, playing PS4 and crafting weapons for the incoming stages of human devolution.”


Jon Hemming

“Spending more time with the family, walks in the woods. Helping my mom with the shopping etc… Making new mash ups for my sets and playing a select few live Shows and live feeds to keep the scene entertained . Playing music outside the obvious has been most enjoyable for me and the shed headz. So look out for more silly shed shenanigans.”


Johnny Dangerous

“Keeping busy working on content for the Tidy and revamped Glamzoo websites and slowly tipping all my hard house vinyl to digital. I might even knock up a mix or too of classic audio pleasure.”


Digital Mafia

“Going into hospital for the next couple of weeks unfortunately. No hoke studio so everything has come a complete halt on the music production front. I’ve been working on a sample pack that has just been released.”


Anne Savage

“Avoiding Facebook! I’m also knitting the swim suit I’ve always wanted.”


Kym Ayres

“I am trying to work from home with a 2 and a 4 year old. It’s fun,  many snacks are needed!”


Eddie Halliwell

“D.I.Y. Music and eating!”


Carl Nicholson

“Spending it with my wife and Melody, and have been putting together a 3 hour old skool 90’s mix. All finished and sounding great!”


Jas Van Houten

Can’t wait to go for walk

” I’m working to get some extra money, and of course DJ-ing, sorting out my old skool collection etc, and producing ! And I need a walk!”


Leigh Green

“I have a lot of music to write seeing how we’re on Lockdown I can’t do the shop and no deliveries are coming in.
We have a fitness project we’re working on that we need house and hard house music for. I’m having a lot of fun doing that.
There’s more chill out music on its way too. But when I’m not beavering away in the studio I’m spending time with my baby son who’s just turned 6 months.

It’s difficult not being able to go anyway because we’re all very busy and me being a soppy sack I’m getting cabin fever being stuck inside. My ADHD is going haywire. It’s only day three and I’m already chewing the wallpaper.”


Adam Dixon
“I’m on 7 day iso as I have flu symptoms. This is day 3 and my headache has stopped but still feel drained.
But if I was on lock down…..
Day 1. Walk around my house only wearing my wife’s swim suit.
Day 2. Naked gardening. I can’t garden very well but I look good naked in my garden.
Day 3. Shave my head day. I’m going thin on top so what better time to shave it off. It may all grow back by then.”
Spencer Green
“I’m in isolation for 7 days.”
Amber D

Making use of her stockpiled toilet roll

“Making music and online teaching mainly. I am setting up a Patreon site for people to support me.”



“I’m currently working on a remix for Dark by Design’s album.”


Paul Chambers

“I’m working on the new Kylie album and playing a massive game of hide and seek during the lockdown.”