Ghostly sightings of legendary Storm promoter reported at the Emporium…

Reports are flooding in of sightings of a ghostly apparition at the Emporium in Coalvile, that bares a striking resemblance to the famed ex-Storm promoter, Garbo.

As the Tidy Boys prepare for their 6 hour set on 26th October at the venue, the events team at the Emporium have sighted the ghostly ghoul hanging around the box office and in the back stage area of the club leaving mysterious lines of white residue over work surfaces and toilet tops.

“I kept hearing a muttering of the words ‘tickets’ and something about ‘knocking money off DJ fees’ said Andy, the venue manager. ‘I think it was speaking in tongues, but i’m sure i heard it ‘wanted to put the willies up me’, which sounds like something Garbo would say”.

Garbo has not been seen or heard of in recent months which adds even more mystery to these sightings. “I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just some ghost pretending to be him’ comments big Geoff the doorman, ‘the amount of Ouija boards they did at those Fright Night events must have summoned some kind of demon’.

It’s not know exactly when the last sighting was off the ‘Garbo Ghost’, however the Tidy Boys are reportedly looking at getting an exorcist in before their event.